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Before creating Photosynth LA, founder Nikki McLelland worked in the film and entertainment industry for over 10 years. In that time, she began a personal quest to

reduce her own waste and live as environmentally-conscious as possible. Her connection to the "low-waste" lifestyle opened her eyes to the limitless opportunities for improving our everyday impact on the environment around us, including those opportunities within her own beloved industry.


Seeing an important role to fill further fueled her activist passion, her next steps were clear - she founded Photosynth LA and began partnering with production companies to help decrease the environmental impact throughout the production process. 

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Photosynth LA is a sustainability consulting firm specializing in helping entertainment productions and small to medium sized businesses reduce their waste, carbon footprint, and overall impact on the local environment.

When we watch movies and television shows, we are so often transported outside of our own reality to be entertained, to learn, to experience new things. That being true, it's no wonder the wasteful methods of the production process go largely unseen or overlooked - the end result is all that has ever mattered.


That attitude, however, has rapidly been changing. Consumers of mainstream content want to feel good about what they invest their time into, applying pressure to studios to keep the environment in mind when they are creating their blockbuster films and television shows. Those who persistently make changes toward environmental-friendly production methods are rewarded with more loyal and vocal fanbases. 

But with the typical wasteful and polluting Hollywood production methods so thoroughly engrained in the industry, how do all the players make the switch? That's where we come in! We want to be the connection point between your project and the environment encompassing it. Let us make the process of going green easy for you - reach out to us today! 


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